Monday, August 9, 2010

Simply Butterflies Card

This card was so quick and simple, but yet it turned out so cute!

I love the way the colors pop againbonst the Kraft Brown card base!


5 Butterflies ( I used the Hannah Montana Cartridge)

Cardstock 4 x 8 1/2 fold in half

Pearls or gems


Edge Punch


Pop Dots

Fold card base in 1/2 and punch border. Ink edges of butterflies and card. Add ribbon.

Fold butterflies wings up, so they look like they are flying. I added pop dots to 2 butterflies to add dimension. Add butterflies to card in random pattern. Add pearls..add sentiment and your done!

Wow that was quick!


  1. I really like it - very cute!

  2. Love the card. As a huge Disney person, I love the fact that you showed...just because it's Disney doesn't always mean its the typical Disney! Thanks for Sharing.

  3. Gorgeous! LOVE it! Didn't take me long to click on "follow me". :-)

  4. Super simple, and yet AMAZING!!! I forget how the simple and quick cards can turn out so beautifully! TFS!!!! PS - I agree with Ladybug!!