Saturday, November 26, 2011

Friendly Pinterest Challenge!!

Hey Crafty Friends! Whats can be more fun than a crafty challenge!?? I crafty challenge with a friend!! Me and my friend Raven started challenging each other and it has been so FUN!! I have stepped outside of my comfort zone and used different things..Thanks Raven! :)

This week the challenge was to create a project that we pinned on Pinterest! If you are not pinning than you need to!! Here is Raven's Pinterest and here is Mine! Come follow! :)

So why don't you join in this fun challenge and create something you have been wanting to make from Pinterest! If you make a project head over to Raven's blog and share!!! We would love to see it!! :)

Now on to my project!!

Here was my inspiration:

and here is my take on the project...I am making more of these, my niece wanted to make some so I gave her the rest of the bulbs..she did an awesome job..I will post hers also!

Here are my nieces! She did a great job she is 11 and is super crafty!


  1. Oh my gosh Kristi! I've been wanting to make these so bad and now I'm even more inspired to omgoodness these are all so amazing!!!!

  2. great project, they look great! your niece did a lovely job as well :)