Thursday, December 12, 2013

Sock Snowman!

Hello Crafty friends!
Its hard to believe Christmas is almost here.
I have so many crafty projects to make and so little time!
I have been bursting at the seams to share these little cuties with you.
I am guest designing for Lovebug Creations this month. eeeek super excited!
I loveee there ribbon so much, but most of all love the lovely ladies who own this company! They are amazing! ♥ 

To create these cuties you, need some socks, turn inside out and cut off toe part, secure that end with a rubber band and turn sock right side out. Fill with rice, and secure top with rubber band. Take a fuzzy sock (from $ store) and cut top off and make that the scarf or shirt of the snowman, take rest (toe part) and make a hat, there are several ways to do this, for one I left it all attached and for the bigger one I trimmed toe piece off and tied off with ribbon! Whew a little long winded lol I wished I would have took pics of process. If you have any questions leave it in comments with a way to reach you :)

Ok so snowman is made. Now the face. For the nose I used incense cones from $ store, painted orange and added glitter. Eyes are black buttons from Michaels $ bin. I like them without the mouth so I didnt add one.

Now onto the decorations. Grab that super cute WINTER  WISHES simple sheer ribbon and make scarfs and ties off hats. Add Bells with twine. I used Martha Stewart branch punch for a little extra fun! I also added sequins just to finish it off!

Thanks for looking!
Hope I inspired you!


  1. omg these are just the cutest things ever!! Thanks for sharing them!!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I'm so happy you are joining us! These are adorable!!! ♥

    Bug Hugs,

  3. Snowmen socks - oh my - so clever and sooooo darling!!

  4. These are sooo cute Kristi!! Love them!